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Eco-sustainability in the Furniture Planet

Eco-sustainability in the Furniture Planet

In recent years the value of environmental sustainability has spread exponentially to influence, in many ways, our daily choices. The continuous search for products that respect the environment could not avoid a manifestation in one of the sectors of greatest involvement of our life. That of the furniture. Furniture, in fact, contribute to creating our living space, and they tacitly tell a lot about our habits and our lifestyle. These are the motivations that push companies, designers and architects to propose eco-sustainable furniture made of biodegradable materials. Which can easy disposed of with minimal environmental impact.

Eco-sustainability in Furniture Miniforms Living Armchairs and Plants

Using the Right Materials

Furnishing the house in an eco-friendly style means asking yourself a few more questions. It is not enough to know in what materials furnitures are made, you need to know their origin, the processing, and the possibility of recycling them. Minacciolo knows this well and uses natural materials. For example: PEFC certified wood, non-toxic solvents and varnishes and systems within the company, with high energy efficiency, thus proposing furnishings that reflect an authentic and natural ethics. The same philosophy is adopted by London Art, which use for their wallpapers ecological glues made from water-based vegetable resins. Thus ensuring durable and functional products. Beyond what you can find on the market, another way to ensure the sustainability of furniture is to produce them. With recycled products such as straw, cork, bamboo and cardboard that, properly treated, can become stiff as marble and we can use them to create stable and safe furniture. The current landscape of eco-sustainable design sees the birth of  the first associations. They deal with "furnishing by recycling", an art without borders where the only limit is in our imagination.

Eco-sustainability in Furniture Bonaldo Lighting LED and Plant

EcoDesign Youth

A real example of Ecodesign, a discipline in perfect balance between aesthetics and creativity, is that one of Laboratorio Linfa that, in 2008, inaugurates Ecodesign Youth. A training experience for young people. In fact, it involves the design and the self-construction of eco sustainable furnishing accessories using only recycled and inventive products. During the meetings it is possible to build chairs, bookcases, tables and small tables. Using pallets, common wooden pallets, or by reusing plastic bottles or cans to create original lamps. The vision is that of a continuous cycle of use and reuse of materials that we can recycle indefinitely. Without producing waste. The idea of owning an object in the home that brings with it a past history, which was different in the past and has now turned into something new, is fascinating for many.  

Eco-sustainability in Furniture London Art Wallpaper Flowers and Plants