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Modern and traditional architecture, world most influential designers and their creations, design inspirations, news & previews from the furniture space

  1. Furniture Shopping in London

    Which are the best emporiums where to buy iconic made in Italy in London?

  2. Eco-sustainability in the Furniture Industry, Production Standards and Compliance Protocols

    The definition of green design encompasses every form of design whose production process minimizes the environmental impact of its products life cycle.

  3. Voyager Station, The Interiors Of The First Luxury Space Station

    Interior design, architecture and lighting design on the first ever habitable space station.

  4. Urquiola, Story, Architecture and Shapes

    From Spain to Milan, in pursuit of a dream. This is the story of a designer.

  5. Lighting Design? Yes, Thanks!

    Have you ever wondered what light is? No, don’t worry. I won’t bore you with definitions and scientific demonstrations