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Chests of Drawers and Trolleys

Elegant chests of drawers and trolleys that add a touch of sparkle to your home. 

A chest of drawers or a trolley should be considered an investment. Not only are these items a staple in all modern homes, but they serve as... read more

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  1. Lago 36e8 0829 Drawer Black Color
    Lago 36e8 0829 Drawer

    Lago 36e8 0829 Drawer: masterpiece of modern and elegant lines Available in v...

  2. Giorgetti Yang High Chest Wood Frame
    Giorgetti Yang High Chest of Drawers

    Giorgetti Yang High Chest of Drawers: artpiece with minimal and i...

  3. Giorgetti Oscar Sideboard Wood Frame
    Giorgetti Oscar Sideboard

    Giorgetti Oscar Sideboard: unique modern and multifunctional design  ...

  4. Giorgetti Origami Sideboard Wood Frame
    Giorgetti Origami Sideboard

    Giorgetti Origami Sideboard: masterpiece of high-end design   A...

  5. Giorgetti Alfred Trolley Wood Frame
    Giorgetti Alfred Trolley

    Giorgetti Alfred Trolley: masterpiece of modern italian design   A f...

  6. Giorgetti Host Bar Cabinet Yellow And Dark Wood Frame
    Giorgetti Host Bar Cabinet

    Giorgetti Host Bar Cabinet: unique stylish and modern furniture   Wi...

  7. Meridiani Elliot Shine Drawers Light Blue And Gold
    Meridiani Elliot Shine Cabinet

    Meridiani Elliot Shine Cabinet: masterpiece of design and craftsmanship Ch...

  8. Meridiani Ruben Sideboard Grey And Brown Color
    Meridiani Ruben Sideboard

    Meridiani Ruben Sideboard: unique and modern design high end Available in ...

  9. Meridiani Verner Sideboard Yelow Color
    Meridiani Verner Sideboard

    Meridiani Verner Sideboard: modern and minimal design Available in differe...

  10. Meridiani Wolfgang Cabinet Red Color
    Meridiani Wolfgang Cabinet

    Meridiani Wolfgang Cabinet: masterpiece of elegant design Available in two...

  11. Tonelli Design Shoji Cabinet Wood Frame
    Tonelli Design Shoji Cabinet

    Tonelli Design Shoji Cabinet: masterpiece of unique design Available in three...

  12. Giorgetti Eon Chest of Drawers in Maple
    Giorgetti Eon Chest of Drawers

    Giorgetti Eon Chest of Drawers: beauty and simplicity as synonymous of eleg...

  13. Lago 36e8 0666 Dresse White Color And Wood Finish
    Lago 36e8 0666 Dresser

    Lago 36e8 0666 Dresser: modern design made in italy Available in two differen...

  14. Lago 36e8 0708 Dresser Black Color Surface
    Lago 36e8 0708 Dresser

    Lago 36e8 0708 Dresser: minimal design with elegant charm Available in variou...

  15. Lago 36e8 0671 Dresser
    Lago 36e8 0671 Dresser

    Lago 36e8 0671 Dresser: handmade masterpiece made in italy Formal cleanliness...

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Items 1-15 of 42

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