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Sofas Trends: Styles not to be Missed


Sofas Trends: Styles not to be Missed

The choice of a sofa, soften, is one of those moments that requires careful reflection and does not like impulsive choices. Moreover, the sofa is one of the most significant furnishing elements for your interiors. The model that we choose, or will choose, often tells a lot about the needs of the landlord. Is it preferable to have a comfortable big-size sofa, a small sofa with modern lines or a classic evergreen? Here are 4 of the styles that are influencing collections of the moment.

California: The Modern One

For those who love the modern genre Alf DaFré proposes California, a modular sofa upholstered in fabric. Moreover, it is perfect for those who have large spaces and love to share them. Characterized by personalized formulas, California leaves room for comfort thanks to an internal mechanism that allows one or more sections of the backrest to move about 13 cm upwards and to have an inclination of 6 degrees. In fact, Alf DaFré embodies in a single element three fundamental characteristics in the choice of a sofa: comfort, conviviality and versatility.

 Alf DaFrè California Grey Sofa

Lennox: The Retro One

You will notice a retro taste with a contemporary equilibrium in the Lennox two-seater sofa, designed by Gordon Guillaumier for Lema, it expresses refinement and elegance. In fact, the inspiration behind this project is that of an open corolla resting on a bronze-colored metal structure. Lennox, discreet and seductive, is an ideal solution to share side by side or in solitude. For those who like to indulge in reading or listening to good music. A detail that has inspired its name.

Lennox Two-Seater Sofa By Gordon Guillaumier For Lema

Chester Moon: The Must Have One

The sofa Chester Moon of Baxter, designed by Paola Navone, It is a quilted padded sofa with capitonnè workmanship done by hand. Unique in its kind, it refers to the past as far as the history of the totally handmade techniques necessary for the development. Moreover, is linked to the modern times for the simplicity and cleanliness of the structure. The design is characterized by rounded and soft lines. Chester Moon is ideal for any type of environment, it will always be able to play the leading role. Moreover, the processing of the upholstery, thanks to the buttons and the seams, offers special chiaroscuro effects. Which make the colors of the leather even more interesting.

Baxter Made in Italy Chester Moon Pink Sofa

Vanity: The Timeless One

There are forms that never go out of fashion, which are instinctively associated with good taste, classicism and balance. Wrapping shapes for lovers of the classic genre such as Vanity, a sofa proposed by the Living collection of Twils Lounge. Vanity is a soft sofa in the contours and in the substance and the timeless curly armrest defines its style. Vanity is not only suitable for classic environments, but also for those with a contemporary style, where it creates a pleasant contrast of styles.