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Acknowledged as one of the main made in Italy labels, the Riflessi brand leads until today a series of lucky entrepreneurial and design intuitions.

Quality and elegance are the main points of this brand, which takes care of every detail of its... read more

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  1. Riflessi Luna Chair
    Riflessi Luna Chair

    Riflessi Luna Chair: essential and refined design Elegant and minimalist, wit...

  2. Riflessi Quadro Mirror Wood Frame
    Riflessi Quadro Mirror

    Riflessi Quadro Mirror: masterpiece of high end design Available in vari...

  3. Riflessi Le Sfere Mirror White Background
    Riflessi Le Sfere Mirror

    The hemispherical shapes, applied on the surface, give a modern and sophistica...

  4. Riflessi Madame Mirror
    Riflessi Madame Mirror

    Riflessi Madame Mirror: innovative and minimalist design The originality o...

  5. Riflessi Vision Mirror White Background
    Riflessi Vision Mirror

    Riflessi Vision Mirror: high end italian craftsmanship With its whimsica...

  6. Riflessi Spin Mirror Green, Yellow And White Color
    Riflessi Spin Mirror

    Riflessi Spin Mirror: modern masterpiece of unique design The innovative...

  7. Riflessi Royal Mirror White Background
    Riflessi Royal Mirror

    Riflessi Royal Mirror: elegant design of italian craftsmanship Available...

  8. Riflessi Bubble DT Lamp Bronzed Color Rings And White Bulbs
    Riflessi Bubble DT Lamp

    Riflessi Bubble DT Lamp: elegant style and useful design Masterpiece with cle...

  9. Riflessi Ionico Mirror White Background
    Riflessi Ionico Mirror

    Riflessi Ionico Mirror has a minimalist design with italian style, a...

  10. Riflessi Farfalle Mirror White Background
    Riflessi Farfalle Mirror

    Riflessi Farfalle Mirror: unique product with modern design Available in...

  11. Riflessi Positano Clock Mirrored Surface
    Riflessi Positano Clock

    Riflessi Positano Clock: excellence in innovative design The artistic pattern...

  12. Riflessi Stilo A Lamp Gold Frame
    Riflessi Stilo A Lamp

    Riflessi Stilo A lamp: lighting with a unique design Available in three ...

  13. Riflessi Picasso P12 Mito Sideboard White Frame
    Riflessi Picasso P12 Mito Sideboard

    Riflessi Picasso P12 Mito Sideboard: unique and modern product Refined a...

  14. Riflessi Portofino Clock Golden Numbers
    Riflessi Portofino Clock

    Riflessi Portofino Clock: elegant and minimal artwork Available in two versio...

  15. Riflessi Tiffany T Lamp Murano Glass Frame
    Riflessi Tiffany T Lamp

    Riflessi Tiffany T Lamp: lighting excellence and innovation Available in thre...

  16. Riflessi Cross Sideboard White Ceramic Plane
    Riflessi Cross Sideboard

    Riflessi Cross Sideboard is a masterpiece of design and elegance, availab...

  17. Riflessi Diamante Mirror Geometric Frame
    Riflessi Diamante Mirror

    Riflessi Diamante Mirror is a masterpiece of contemporary design, its volum...

  18. Riflessi Dodo PT Lamp White Background
    Riflessi Dodo PT Lamp

    Riflessi Dodo PT Lamp with modern design and contemporary style...

  19. Riflessi Twist T Lamp White Background
    Riflessi Twist T Lamp

    Riflessi Twist T Lamp: essential and refined design With soft and elegan...

  20. Riflessi C Wood Sideboard Wood Frame
    Riflessi C Wood Sideboard

     The skilful workmanship and the attention to details give it an elegant ...

  21. Riflessi Essenzia Art Sideboard Black Color
    Riflessi Essenzia Art Sideboard

    Riflessi Essenzia Art Sideboard: sophisticated and modern masterpiece It...

  22. Riflessi Bubble A Lamp Bronzed Ring Color
    Riflessi Bubble A Lamp

    Riflessi Bubble A Lamp: unique and elegant design Available in two varia...

  23. Riflessi Picasso P8 Sideboard
    Riflessi Picasso P8 Sideboard

    Riflessi Picasso P8 Sideboard: refined design and high quality With an u...

  24. Riflessi Meridian A Lamp Black Metal Frame
    Riflessi Meridian A Lamp

    Riflessi Meridian A Lamp: high end of lighting design The unmistakable style ...

  25. Riflessi City Console Black Color
    Riflessi City Console

    Riflessi City Console it's a unique masterpiece of high quality, ava...

  26. Riflessi Antares Mirror Bronzed Frame
    Riflessi Antares Mirror

    Its harmonious and soft lines define a refined and contemporary design, able t...

  27. Riflessi Lumiere Small Table Ceramic Plane
    Riflessi Lumiere Small Table

    Riflessi Lumiere Small Table has a modern and refined masterpiece, availa...

  28. Riflessi Meridian T Lamp Black Metal Frame
    Riflessi Meridian T Lamp

    Riflessi Meridian T Lamp: masterpiece of unique and modern design Availa...

  29. Riflessi Segno Sideboard White Color
    Riflessi Segno Sideboard

    Riflessi Segno Sideboard: elegant and modern masterpiece Available in va...

  30. Riflessi Perla Chair Blue Velvet
    Riflessi Perla Chair

    Riflessi Perla Chair: a masterpiece of minimalist design The essential a...

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