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Riflessi has been able to position itself as a main made in Italy label, thanks to its great sensitivity and a series of happy intuitions. Its focus is on quality and service, they pay particular attention to the details of their pieces, the... read more

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  1. Riflessi Luna Chair
    Riflessi Luna Chair

    Riflessi Luna Chair: essential and refined design Elegant and minimalist, wit...

  2. Riflessi Meridian A Lamp Black Metal Frame
    Riflessi Meridian A Lamp

    Riflessi Meridian A Lamp: high end of lighting design The unmistakable style ...

  3. Riflessi Royal Mirror White Background
    Riflessi Royal Mirror

    Riflessi Royal Mirror: elegant design of italian craftsmanship Available...

  4. Riflessi York Armchair Gold Frame Base
    Riflessi York Armchair

    Riflessi York Armchair: minimalist and comfortable design The ergonomic ...

  5. Riflessi Living Wooden And Ceramic
    Riflessi Living Wooden And Ceramic

    Riflessi Living Wooden and Ceramic Table: masterpiece of refined design De...

  6. Riflessi Manhattan Console Metal Frame
    Riflessi Manhattan Console

    Riflessi Manhattan Console: elegant and functional masterpiece Available...

  7. Riflessi Mito Table Glass Rectangle Plane
    Riflessi Mito Table

    Riflessi Mito Table: refined and modern italian design   Available i...

  8. Riflessi Margot Armchair White And Black Color
    Riflessi Margot Armchair

    Riflessi Margot Armchair: comfort and unique style Elegant and modern li...

  9. Riflessi Ionico Mirror White Background
    Riflessi Ionico Mirror

    Riflessi Ionico Mirror: minimalist design with italian style Availa...

  10. Riflessi  Solaris Sideboard Black Color
    Riflessi Solaris Sideboard

    Riflessi Solaris Sideboard: refined and modern masterpiece The sunburst ...

  11. Riflessi Spin Mirror
    Riflessi Spin Mirror

    Riflessi Spin Mirror: modern masterpiece of unique design The innovative...

  12. Riflessi Cross Sideboard White Ceramic Plane
    Riflessi Cross Sideboard

    Riflessi Cross Sideboard: masterpiece of design and elegance Available i...

  13. Riflessi Linea Sideboard Wood Frame
    Riflessi Linea Sideboard

    Riflessi Linea Sideboard: unique craftsmanship of high end Available in ...

  14. Riflessi Dodo PT Lamp White Background
    Riflessi Dodo PT Lamp

    Riflessi Dodo PT Lamp: lighting with modern design The contemporary...

  15. Riflessi T Wood Sideboard Wood Frame
    Riflessi T Wood Sideboard

    Riflessi T Wood Sideboard: high end italian craftsmanship  Ava...

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Items 1-15 of 115

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