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Dining Furniture

Impress your guests with high-end dining furniture from Brera Interni. 

Iconic designs from brands like Alf DaFré, Giorgetti, Lema, Tonelli Design, and Miniforms can be the centerpiece of your living room or dining room, while the chairs,... read more

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  1. Giorgetti Bull Sideboard Wood Structure
    Giorgetti Bull Sideboard

    Giorgetti Bull Sideboard is a modern masterpiece with an elegant style, des...

  2. Lema Court Yard Container Wooden Frame
    Lema Court Yard Container

    Small collection of freestanding elements, containers in wood with day comp...

  3. Giorgetti Bigwig Table
    Giorgetti Bigwig Table

    Giorgetti Bigwig Table: innovative and modern for a high level of furniture. Gi...

  4. Lago U Wildwood Rectangle Table Wildwood Plane
    Lago U Wildwood Rectangle Table

    Lago U Wildwood Rectangle Table: masterpiece of italian craftsmanship Availab...

  5. Sideboard Alf DaFrè Amelia
    Sideboard Alf DaFrè Amelia

    Amelia is available in the sideboard version with painted metal base or plinth a...

  6. Showcase Cattelan Italia Chantal
    Showcase Cattelan Italia Chantal

    Extraclear transparent crystal showcase with upside and bottom in Walnut Canalet...

  7. Sideboard Alf DaFrè Musa
    Sideboard Alf DaFrè Musa

    Musa is available in the sideboard, cabinet or display cabinet version and it st...

  8. Opinion Ciatti Waves Cupboard Golden FInsh
    Opinion Ciatti Waves Cupboard

    Opinion Ciatti Waves Cupboard is featured by its iconic and modern design. A s...

  9. Lago 36e8 09913 Sideboard White Background
    Lago 36e8 09913 Sideboard

    Lago 36e8 09913 Sideboard: high end of italian craftsmanship Designed by Dani...

  10. Bonaldo Doppler Low Sideboard Multicolor
    Bonaldo Doppler Low Sideboard

    Product Description   The Bonaldo Doppler Low sideboard, is dis...

  11. Bonaldo Artika Chair Beige Color
    Bonaldo Artika Chair

    Product Description   The main feature of the Bonaldo Artika chair is t...

  12. Giorgetti Alexa Armchair White Color
    Giorgetti Alexa Armchair

    Giorgetti Alexa Armchair is a beauty and enchantment for a product with a unique...

  13. Lago Plenum 0833 Sideboard Wood Frame
    Lago Plenum 0833 Sideboard

    A product featured by a functional and elegant design, able to make the most o...

  14. Giorgetti Kiri Sideboard Wood Frame
    Giorgetti Kiri Sideboard

    Giorgetti Kiri Sideboard: precious furniture of high end design  Kiri...

  15. Miniforms Galena Cabinet
    Miniforms Galena Cabinet

    Miniforms Galena Cabinet Vertical cabinet with horizontal assembled drawer...

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