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Small Cabinets

Gorgeous cabinets for hiding clutter in your home. 

Hide clutter and keep your living spaces as sophisticated and stylish as possible with these side cabinets. Designed and crafted by designers like Cattelan Italia, these small cabinets are... read more

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  1. Riflessi Segno Sideboard White Color
    Riflessi Segno Sideboard

    Riflessi Segno Sideboard: elegant and modern masterpiece Available in va...

  2. Giorgetti Oro cabinet design
    Giorgetti Oro Cabinet

    Giorgetti Oro: unique furniture of high design Cabin with classic lines aim...

  3. Giorgetti Moore Cabinet Wood Frame
    Giorgetti Moore Cabinet

    Giorgetti Moore Cabinet: sublime and functional design    Versa...

  4. Giorgetti Alfred Trolley Wood Frame
    Giorgetti Alfred Trolley

    Giorgetti Alfred Trolley: masterpiece of modern italian design   A f...

  5. Giorgetti Host Bar Cabinet Yellow And Dark Wood Frame
    Giorgetti Host Bar Cabinet

    Giorgetti Host Bar Cabinet: unique stylish and modern furniture   Wi...

  6. Meridiani Elliot Shine Drawers Light Blue And Gold
    Meridiani Elliot Shine Cabinet

    Meridiani Elliot Shine Cabinet: masterpiece of design and craftsmanship Ch...

  7. Meridiani Ruben Sideboard Grey And Brown Color
    Meridiani Ruben Sideboard

    Meridiani Ruben Sideboard: unique and modern design high end Available in ...

  8. Meridiani Verner Sideboard Yelow Color
    Meridiani Verner Sideboard

    Meridiani Verner Sideboard: modern and minimal design Available in differe...

  9. Riflessi Picasso P2 Sideboard
    Riflessi Picasso P2 Sideboard

    Riflessi Picasso P2 Sideboard: contemporary design made in italy The inn...

  10. Riflessi C Wood Sideboard Wood Frame
    Riflessi C Wood Sideboard

    Riflessi C Wood Sideboard: refined and innovative craftsmanship Availabl...

  11. Riflessi Essenzia Sideboard White Color
    Riflessi Essenzia Sideboard

    Riflessi Essenzia Sideboard: minimal and elegant design Available in var...

  12. Giorgetti Nyn Corner Cabinet
    Giorgetti Nyn Corner Cabinet

    Giorgetti Nyn Corner Cabinet: Furniture with a timeless design in eter...

  13. Riflessi Segno Dresser White Color
    Riflessi Segno Dresser

    Riflessi Segno Dresser: unique and contemporary design Available in two ...

  14. Giorgetti Houdini Cabinet Wood Frame
    Giorgetti Houdini Cabinet

    Giorgetti Houdini Cabinet: elegant and modern design Available in two versions...

  15. Lago LagoLinea Wall Unit
    Lago LagoLinea Wall Unit

    LagoLinea Wall Unit: modern and refined design The system offers maximum free...

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