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The Bonaldo design collection represents a milestone in the excellence of furniture production and design in Italy as well as worldwide. Its collections are characterized by a timeless appeal, in perfect balance between classic and modern style.... read more

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  1. Small Table Bonaldo Doppler
    Small Table Bonaldo Doppler

    The small tables are available in three variants with different dimensions, whic...

  2. Bonaldo Pil Chair Brown Color
    Bonaldo Pil Chair

    The Bonaldo Pil chair is featured by its desing designed to offer the best com...

  3. Bonaldo Bonsai Pouf Pink Fabric Seat
    Bonaldo Bonsai Pouf

    Inspired by the ancient art of bonsai botany, the Bonaldo Bonsai pouf takes sh...

  4. Bonaldo Belt & Cross Pouf White And Blue Color
    Bonaldo Belt & Cross Pouf

    Defined by their rounded and soft shapes, the Bonaldo Belt and Cross poufs sta...

  5. Bonaldo Squaring Complements White Color
    Bonaldo Squaring Complements

    Product Description   Featured by their design, geometric and linear sh...

  6. Bonaldo Eos Light Coat Hanger White Color
    Bonaldo Eos Light Coat Hanger

    Defined by its unique and modern design, the Bonaldo Eos Light Coat Hanger ...

  7. Bonaldo June Bookcase Black Color
    Bonaldo June Bookcase

    Product Description   The Bonaldo Bookcase June is an original s...

  8. Mirror Bonaldo Azero
    Mirror Bonaldo Azero

    A touch of movement and irreverent modernity. Azero is an original set of mi...

  9. Bonaldo April Bookcase Yellow Color
    Bonaldo April Bookcase

    Product Description   The Bonaldo Bookcase April is an original ...

  10. Coat Hanger Bonaldo Eos
    Coat Hanger Bonaldo Eos

    An original and evocative shape for Eos, a coat stand made of polyethylene in ma...

  11. Mirror Bonaldo Hang Up
    Mirror Bonaldo Hang Up

    Dynamic wall mirror with lacquered wood or solid wood frame. Positionable both ...

  12. Bonaldo Tirella Armchair Red Color
    Bonaldo Tirella Armchair

    The Bonaldo Tirella armchair is inspired by the tirelle of the fabrics resting o...

  13. Bonaldo Cubic 2 Bookcase White Color
    Bonaldo Cubic 2 Bookcase

    Product Description   Cubic is a fixed or revolving bookcase with a m...

  14. Bonaldo Loto W Stool Black Color
    Bonaldo Loto W Stool

    Bonaldo Loto W Stool is a modern and innovative seat, feature by its esclusive d...

  15. Bonaldo Mellow Table Black Ceramic Plane
    Bonaldo Mellow Table

    Product Description   Defined by its geometric shapes, and by the simpl...

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