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Lighting Design? Yes, Thanks!

Lighting Design? Yes, Thanks!

Have you ever wondered what light is? No, don't worry, I won't bore you with definitions and scientific demonstrations, I would just like to lead you to reflect on how much light is a fundamental element for most of the activities that we human beings carry out, just think of small things, such as simply seeing, reading, moving, but in a broader sense light is crucial for the night-time reading of architecture and urban spaces, and if you notice it is increasingly used in communication and in different artistic and cultural fields.

Light is not at the service of other forms of art and representation, but rather is a means of independent expression, which is why it is used in cinema, theatre, photography, entertainment in general and becomes itself an expressive form in contemporary art and video-art.

Could there have been a lack of light in the world of design? Of course not, on the contrary, she has been the master of it lately.

And here we are, today's topic, lighting design: the right compromise between versatility and ductility transformed into a technique, increasingly used in all environments.

Lighting Design Is The Implementation Of The Quality Of The Enviroment

What is Lighting Design?

From literal translation "Lighting Design", this is the process and implementation of quality lighting projects, which integrate natural and artificial sources and which can have any type of application (from that in the home, to that in the film, television, art and entertainment in general, passing through urban and nautical contexts).This is the most complex and evolving industrial design sector at the moment, and now also includes studies on urban lighting, particularly useful for the purposes of social security and reducing electricity consumption, and studies on the spectacular use of light such as use in urban installations, performances, events, shows, etc..

To make it "smart", we could define Lighting Design as the right match between Lighting Technology, furniture and Art, applied to any context. If like me, at this point you have asked yourself the question.

What is the boundary between lighting technology and lighting design?

I'll answer you right away, or at least I'll try! Lighting Technology assesses the need for light in closed rooms in accordance with laws and standards that respect the health of the human body. At a technical level, each lighting project has software that can enhance and illuminate a room only after analyzing it in terms of space, colours and sources of natural light. It is such a perfect procedure that we could almost call it an "exact science" if we want, but like everything that is extremely perfect, it is emotionally lacking. But don't be discouraged, there is a remedy for everything. Have you thought about architects and interior designers? Bravo! They are the ones who combine exact science with trendy and personal aesthetic choices, creating furnishing projects suitable for every need and taste. The finalization of a furniture project cannot be combined with a careful lighting design project, functional, comfortable and performing. All this is made possible by the use of lighting professionals who have evolved their technical knowledge to offer professional services and to get the most out of the light at 360°. 

 Lighting Design Penta Light Wall Lamp

How did Lighting Design come about?

One hears about lighting design for the first time when they begin to change the lighting needs of industrial environments and other workplaces, and then with studies of ergonomics and ergonomics of the workplace. So if we want to contextualize it and associate it with a particular year, I suggest you abandon the idea and enjoy the show, just look around: urban lighting, urban installations, performances, events of all kinds, etc..

I have to admit, however, that, you have to know how to manage light, dose it, understand how to use it and with how much intensity, where to direct it and especially know and program the light well in relation to the material to be illuminated. It is therefore necessary to design with light, to make a lighting design project. It's a bit like in the kitchen, if you don't know the ingredients, you'll hardly have a single dish, that can bring out the flavours and excite at every mouthful. The same goes for light; a good lighting design project must enhance the context and excite the viewer.

And who is the lighting designer?

Obviously, after all that we have said, there will be those who have made lighting their profession, right? No, without taking anything away from the electricians, I'm not talking about them, but about the Lighting Designers, who with the right technical skills and creative as well as artistic spirit, are able to propose and produce real masterpieces. There is no standard definition for a lighting designer, because we could identify him as the director of theaters, concerts, television programs, photo shoots, all correct and appropriate roles, but today he is also involved in lighting for the residential or commercial sector, transforming the architecture of the house and other small things.

What are you waiting for? Run and see the Italian champions of Lighting design!

Italian Companies?

We can be proud, and I'm very happy to quote Linea Light Group a leading international company for lighting products and solutions totally Made in Italy. It was born in 1985, in Castelminio di Resana, in the province of Treviso, from the union of three lighting companies, which joined forces to create a company specialized and constantly evolving. Currently Linea Light is divided into 4 brands; each one specialized in different technological sectors:

i-LéD From the name itself we understand that it is the brand specializing in LED light;

Tràddel which combines light and structure, having concealed lights as the final product;

MA[&]DE specializes in the production of decorative lamps;

Linea Light is the true technological heart that combines technology and simplicity in design lamps.

We can say that Linea Light Group, as a whole, produces products, systems and also indoor and outdoor lighting solutions rich in technology but at the same time environmentally friendly, supported by the work of architects, designers and lighting designers

Some examples of Lighting design?

Just search on our dear and old friend google examples of lighting design to be overwhelmed, for my part I prefer to bring you examples all Made in Italy as you have noticed from the captions of previous images.


Palazzo Vecchio: festively lit, both internally and externally. It can excite anyone who looks at it - Linea Light

Palazzo Vecchio, Lighting Project Of Linea Light

Market Square - Poland - Linea Light

 Market Square In Poland Lighting Project Of Linea Light



Moonflower: project that uses the idea of interchangeable panels to always have different effects, perfect for furnishing with style. The holes directly resume the project of Linea Light.

How do we combine lighting design with furniture?

If you still have a few minutes, I'd like to return to what we call our environment, furniture and design, and to combine the magic of lighting design in everyday objects that we could have at home, referring to products that lead us to think about light, such as:

GLAS ITALIA - Shimmer Collection

 Shimmer Glas Italia Table It's Best Furniture To Stand Out The Effect Of Lighting

LEMA - Dandy Wardrobe 

Dandy Wardrobe Lema An Elegant Furniture From Lema To Create An Classy Atmosphere With Lighting


TONELLI DESIGN - Liber Bookcase

Liber Bookcase Of Tonelli Design Is The Perfect Furniture For A Modern Lighting


CATTELAN ITALIA - Cloud Ceiling Lamp 

 Lighting Contemporary Design In A Single Solution: Cloud Ceiling Lamp Cattelan Italia


PENTA LIGHT - MoM Ceiling Lamp 

 For A Minimalist Or Modern Enviroment Mom Ceiling Lamp It's The Right Way To Create It