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Sideboard Alf DaFrè Recta


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Recta is available in the sideboard, cabinet and bookcase version. Recta creates colour contrasts between the door and drawer fronts and its structure, where the partitions also act as a base. The central doors of the cabinet and sideboard have a total aperture of 180°. Excellent modularity and configuration possibilities, with internal lacquering available.
Design Marelli & Molteni


-   Sideboard Alf DaFrè Recta - Rovere Termocotto 026
-   Sideboard Alf DaFrè Recta - Rovere Antico Naturale 014A
-   Sideboard Alf DaFrè Recta - Rovere Antico Biscotto 025A
-   Sideboard Alf DaFrè Recta - Laccato Opaco Tortora - 12
-   Sideboard Alf DaFrè Recta - Laccato Opaco - Juta 8
-   Sideboard Alf DaFrè Recta - Laccato opaco - Conchiglia 16
-   Sideboard Alf DaFrè Recta - Laccato Opaco - Piombo 11
-   Sideboard Alf DaFrè Recta - Fashion Wood - Terra 017

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Sideboard Alf DaFrè Recta

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