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Giorgetti's tradition goes back to more than 100 years, when, in Brianza, Italy, they started the business, continuing to innovate up to nowadays. Products's quality, efficiency, Italian craftsmanship, design and functionality are part of the company's... read more

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  1. Giorgetti Martini Sofa Small
    Giorgetti Martini Sofa

    Giorgetti Martini Sofa: beauty and design for an elegant product. A soft an...

  2. Giorgetti Houdini Cabinet Wood Frame
    Giorgetti Houdini Cabinet

    Giorgetti Houdini Cabinet: elegant and modern design Available in two versions...

  3. Giorgetti Ago Small Table Marble Plane
    Giorgetti Ago Small Table

    Giorgetti Ago Small Table: masterpiece of hand-made design Availabl...

  4. Giorgetti Ago Table Wood Plane
    Giorgetti Ago Table

    Giorgetti Ago Table: unique minimalist and elegant design Available in t...

  5. Giorgetti Apsara Sofa Wood Base
    Giorgetti Apsara Sofa

    Giorgetti Apsara Sofa: modern seating system with versatile design   ...

  6. Giorgetti Host Bar Cabinet Yellow And Dark Wood Frame
    Giorgetti Host Bar Cabinet

    Giorgetti Host Bar Cabinet: unique stylish and modern furniture   Wi...

  7. Giorgetti Alfred Trolley Wood Frame
    Giorgetti Alfred Trolley

    Giorgetti Alfred Trolley: masterpiece of modern italian design   A f...

  8. Giorgetti Kiri Sideboard
    Giorgetti Kiri Sideboard

    Giorgetti Kiri Sideboard: precious furniture of high end design  Kiri...

  9. Giorgetti Too Trolley Black Color
    Giorgetti Too Trolley

    Giorgetti Too Trolley: modern and minimal art object  The trolley Too...

  10. Giorgetti Blend Small Table Marble Plane
    Giorgetti Blend Small Table

    Giorgetti Blend Small Table: hand-made italian design   Available wi...

  11. Giorgetti Galet Small Table Glass Plane
    Giorgetti Galet Small Table

    Giorgetti Galet Small Table: modern and high class design   Availabl...

  12. Giorgetti Bull Sideboard Wood Structure
    Giorgetti Bull Sideboard

    Giorgetti Bull Sideboard: modern masterpiece with an elegant design  ...

  13. Giorgetti Mogul Writing Desk Wood Frame
    Giorgetti Mogul Writing Desk

    Giorgetti Mogul Writing Desk: unique furnishing object of italian design  ...

  14. Giorgetti Teodora Armchair White Leather
    Giorgetti Teodora Armchair

    Giorgetti Teodora Armchair: comfortable and modern design of high end   A...

  15. Giorgetti Roi Bench Brown And Black
    Giorgetti Roi Bench

    Giorgetti Roi Bench: beauty and design for a classy product   Roi is...

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Items 1-15 of 142

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