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Bonaldo Sheryl Velvet Chair


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Product Description


The Bonaldo Poly chair, stands out thanks to its exclusive and modern appeal. The design with a contemporary character offers a unique seat that can adapt in different furnishing contexts. Ideal for completing your decor with an elegant and functional touch.

Made of transparent shiny polycarbonate or colored shiny polyamide, made in a single gas injection mold.


Bonaldo: Design Furniture Made in Italy


Bonaldo was founded in 1936 from an idea of Giovanni Vittorio Bonaldo. It is an historic company, based in Padova, and specializing in the metalworking. Its first activity concerning the manufacturing of bed frames, mattresses and beds, under the management of the son of Giovanni Vittorio Bonaldo, Albino Bonaldo.The turning point took place in 1971, when the brand set off in the Italian design industry, through its first appearance at the Milan Furniture Expo.

There it presented the very first collection of beds and folding slats. The artisan production gradually faded to welcome the industrial one. Thanks to the partnership with some Italian and international designers, the company arrived to worldwide fame.

In the subsequent years, Bonaldo grew to become a group. At the beginnings of the 2000, the group collected many awards, among these the Good Design Awards 2009. It won thanks to the collaboration with the Belgian designer Alain Gilles, with whom Bonaldo realized the still iconic product "Big Table".

Bonaldo offers a wide range of product collections, which go from the modern to the classic trend. Though it keeps the elegance style, reassuring a precise answer to any consumer need. It leaves space to the custom and keeps alive the utility of the items, to furnish private spaces with intelligence and Italian style.


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Have a look at the several alternatives Bonaldo proposes. Often, each one is available in more than one covering/color. Write us for further information & support with the choice of the product.


Alternatives: Catalogue


Design by Giuseppe Viganò


-   Chair Bonaldo Sheryl Velvet - Apple Green 94D
-   Chair Bonaldo Sheryl Velvet - Red 94G
-   Chair Bonaldo Sheryl Velvet - Black 970
-   Chair Bonaldo Sheryl Velvet - Dark Brown 969
-   Chair Bonaldo Sheryl Velvet - Light Brown 94A
-   Chair Bonaldo Sheryl Velvet - Brown 94B
-   Chair Bonaldo Sheryl Velvet - Fuchsia 966
-   Chair Bonaldo Sheryl Velvet - Night Blue 94C
-   Chair Bonaldo Sheryl Velvet - White 960
-   Chair Bonaldo Sheryl Velvet - Light Blue 94H

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Bonaldo Sheryl Velvet Chair

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