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See Your Space As It Will Be Once Fully Completed And Furnished


Oftentimes, it is hard to have a complete view of how a room will look like once furnished, when the room is still empty.

With Virtual Reality technology you can interactively see your space for as it will be when you will fully complete it.

With Virtual Reality and the support of Oculus headsets and equipment you may see the 3D rendering of your furnished room and freely move around it.


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  • First of all, we work together to the design and furnishing of the space
  • Thereby, we build a 3D rendering of the how the room will look like, once fully completed and furnished, with Unreal Engine 3D creation platform
  • Lastly, we will allow the customer to wear our Oculus headsets and equipment to enter the rendered space, virtually see the staging of the room, have a close look at the details of the furniture and freely move around


The below video displays an example of how Virtual Reality technology is used to interactively watch the 3D rendering of a space in an immersive and entertaining way. The user can move around the area, grab the furniture and see its details closely, while have a complete idea of how the space to be furnished will look like, once fully finished.



The Oculus headsets and equipment are among the latest technology in the Virtual Reality industry for commercial use.
The Oculus headsets are comfortable headsets with customizable optics, providing exceptional visual fidelity and cinematic 3D positional audio, allowing the user to hear in all directions with built-in speakers.

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