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See your desired furniture live in your space


The augmented reality app lets you virtually "add" products from our furniture catalogue directly into your real-world space.

The app includes 3D and true-to-scale models of online purchasable items.

Through the app you can explore our online catalogue in a new dimension using the support of your smartphone.

You can use the application to get an accurate impression of the furniture's real colors, shapes and size, to reduce the uncertainty of the online purchase.



Brera Interni Augmented Reality Video

Augmented reality app

How to use it:

  •  Make sure the room is well lit and hold your smartphone at waist level
  •  Scan an empty piece of floor by moving your device around
  •  Search the list of available products and select one
  •  Find an empty spot in the room, rotate and place the product there
  •  Select other products and add them to the room to build up your dream space
Augmented Reality Furniture How To Use
Brera Interni Augmented Reality App Menu

Moreover, you can get, directly from the app, information about each item. Each item contains the direct link to its online page on our store.
Always look out for updates as more products and additional features will arrive soon on the Brera Interni augmented reality app.

Download on the App Store Brera Interni

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