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Modern and traditional architecture, world influential designers and creations, design inspirations.

  1. Brera Interni Event 2 | "Morgantini11" Real Estate Project Presentation, @Casa Lago, 26/02/2022

    "Morgantini11" Real Estate Project Presentation, @Casa Lago, Milan, 26/02/2022

  2. Eco-sustainability in the Furniture Planet

    In recent years the value of environmental sustainability has spread exponentially to influence consumer tastes.

  3. Sofas Trends: Styles not to be Missed

    The choice of a sofa, soften, is one of those moments that require careful reflection and does not like impulsive choices.

  4. Brera Interni Event 1 | "Intro to Brera Interni" Opening, 27/07/2021

    Date: 27/7, h: 18:00, @: Abitare, Via Antonino Caruso, sn, Catania, Italy  

  5. Christmas Time: Italian Design Furniture Proposals

    Here are a few proposals of Christmas oriented pieces, from Italian world-famous designers.