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Designer dining and living room tables for everyday use. 

Your tables are at the center of your home, allowing you to catch up with friends and eat with your loved ones. Whether you're looking for a marble table, a designer dining table, or... read more

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  1. Riflessi Pegaso Wooden Table Wood Plane
    Riflessi Pegaso Wooden Table

    Riflessi Pegaso Wooden Table: high end Italian craftsmanship Available with a...

  2. Pegaso Wooden And Ceramic Table Black Ceramic Insert
    Riflessi Pegaso Wooden And Ceramic Table

    Riflessi Pegaso Wood And Ceramic Table: unique and innovative masterpiece ...

  3. Riflessi Shangai Glass Table Metal Feet
    Riflessi Shangai Glass Table

    Riflessi Shangai Glass Table: unique and minimalist design Available with ...

  4. Riflessi Shangai Wood Table With Dish On Top
    Riflessi Shangai Wood Table

    Riflessi Shangai Wood Table: modern and elegant masterpiece Available with...

  5. Riflessi Round Table White Color
    Riflessi Round Table:

    Riflessi Round Table: versatile and elegant design Available in different ...

  6. Riflessi Living Wooden and Ceramic Table Black And Brown Color
    Riflessi Living Wooden And Ceramic Table

    Riflessi Living Wooden and Ceramic Table is a masterpiece of refined d...

  7. Riflessi New Plano Table Glass Plane
    Riflessi New Plano Table

    Riflessi New Plano Table: minimalist and innovative italian design Availab...

  8. Riflessi Shangai Ceramic Table Black Metal Feet With Rectangle White Plane
    Riflessi Shangai Ceramic Table

    Riflessi Shangai Ceramic Table: classy design of high end  Available ...

  9. Riflessi Pegaso Glass Table Black Metal Base
    Riflessi Pegaso Glass Table

    Riflessi Pegaso Glass Table: high end italian craftsmanship Available with a to...

  10. Riflessi Living Glass Table Black Metal Base
    Riflessi Living Glass Table

    Riflessi Living Glass Table has a minimal and contemporary design, ava...

  11. Riflessi Square Table White Ceramic
    Riflessi Square Table

    Riflessi Square Table: masterpiece of italian design Available in differen...

  12. Riflessi Luxury Console Black Wood Plane
    Riflessi Luxury Console

    Riflessi Luxory Console: unique and refined design Available in various ...

  13. Riflessi Manhattan Console Metal Frame
    Riflessi Manhattan Console

    Riflessi Manhattan Console: elegant and functional masterpiece Available...

  14. Riflessi P300 Console Wood Frame
    Riflessi P300 Console

    Riflessi P300 Console: innovative and functional design Available in two...

  15. Riflessi Zed Table White Color
    Riflessi Zed Table

    Riflessi Zed Table is a masterpiece of unique and contemporary desig...

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Items 1-15 of 35

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