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Bedside Lamps

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  1. Riflessi Tiffany T Lamp Murano Glass Frame
    Riflessi Tiffany T Lamp

    Riflessi Tiffany T Lamp: lighting excellence and innovation Available in thre...

  2. Riflessi Bubble DT Lamp Bronzed Color Rings And White Bulbs
    Riflessi Bubble DT Lamp

    Riflessi Bubble DT Lamp: elegant style and useful design Masterpiece with cle...

  3. Riflessi Bubble T Lamp Small Ring
    Riflessi Bubble T Lamp

      The soft light and clean lines, are the iconic elements of the bubble ...

  4. Riflessi Bubble PT Lamp Gold And Bronzed Rings
    Riflessi Bubble PT Lamp

    The metal rings, features of the collection bubble, give the minimal design of...

  5. Riflessi Meridian T Lamp Black Metal Frame
    Riflessi Meridian T Lamp

    Riflessi Meridian T Lamp is featured by its unique and modern design...

  6. Riflessi Dodo T Lamp Gold Frame
    Riflessi Dodo T Lamp

    Riflessi Dodo T lamp: masterpiece of innovative and minimalist design, av...

  7. Riflessi Dodo PT Lamp White Background
    Riflessi Dodo PT Lamp

    Riflessi Dodo PT Lamp with modern design and contemporary style...

  8. Riflessi Twist T Lamp White Background
    Riflessi Twist T Lamp

    Riflessi Twist T Lamp: essential and refined design With soft and elegan...

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