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  1. Bonaldo Squaring Complements White Color
    Bonaldo Squaring Complements

    Product Description   Featured by their design, geometric and linear sh...

  2. Bonaldo Prora Table White Ceramic Plane
    Bonaldo Prora Table

    Product Description   The modern sloping profile of the base is the ele...

  3. Bonaldo Nikos Armchair Beige Color
    Bonaldo Nikos Armchair

    Product Description   Stand out by its soft and innovative design, the ...

  4. Bonaldo Bruno Armchair White Color
    Bonaldo Bruno Armchair

    Product Description   The linear design characterised by some tradition...

  5. Bonaldo Leaf Small Table Black Color
    Bonaldo Leaf Small Table

    Product Description   A clear reference to nature and simplicity are th...

  6. Bonaldo Kadou Small Table White, Brown Color
    Bonaldo Kadou Small Table

    Product Description   The elegant and modern design of the Bonaldo Kado...

  7. Bonaldo Mirtillo New Stool Black Color
    Bonaldo Mirtillo New Stool

    Product Description   The attention to detail and elegance that stands ...

  8. Bonaldo Idole Chair Black
    Bonaldo Idole Chair

    Product Description   The essential and modern design of the Bonaldo Id...

  9. Bonaldo Frinfri Small Table Wooden Plane
    Bonaldo Frinfri Small Table

    Product Description   Feature by a particular design that recalls the s...

  10. Bonaldo Fard Small Table Black, Beige, White Plane
    Bonaldo Fard Small Table

    Product Description   Featured by their linear and geometric design, Bo...

  11. Bonaldo Tie Small Table With Round And Rectangle Planes
    Bonaldo Tie Small Table

    Product Description The clean and linear design of the Bonaldo Tie coffee tab...

  12. Bonaldo Amond Console Metal Base
    Bonaldo Amond Console

    Product Description The modern and linear forms of the Bonaldo Amond console ...

  13. Bonaldo Stone Chair Black Color
    Bonaldo Stone Chair

    Product Description The innovative lines of the Bonaldo Stone chair define it...

  14. Bonaldo Deli Chair Brown Color
    Bonaldo Deli Chair

    Product Description Designed to fit into any type of environment, the Bonaldo...

  15. Bonaldo Truly Table Wooden Legs
    Bonaldo Truly Table

    Product Description The linear and modern elements of the Bonaldo Truly table...

  16. Bonaldo Alanda Chair Beige Color
    Bonaldo Alanda Chair

    Product Description Featured by its linear parts and minimal design, the Bona...

  17. Bonaldo Artika Chair Beige Color
    Bonaldo Artika Chair

    Product Description   The main feature of the Bonaldo Artika chair is t...

  18. Bonaldo Only You Sofa White Color
    Bonaldo Only You Sofa

    Product Description   The linear and smooth shapes of the seat in contr...

  19. Bonaldo Saddle Bed Fabric Finish
    Bonaldo Saddle Bed

    Product Description Characterised by its modern and innovative shapes, the Bo...

  20. Bonaldo Geometric Table Ceramic Plane
    Bonaldo Geometric Table

    Product Description   The combination of wood materials and design has ...

  21. Bonaldo Zen Table White Ceramic
    Bonaldo Zen Table

    Product Description   The essential design that characterises the Bonal...

  22. Bonaldo Joy Chair Red Color
    Bonaldo Joy Chair

    Product Description   Featured by its welcoming and modern look, the Bo...

  23. Bonaldo Mellow Table Black Ceramic Plane
    Bonaldo Mellow Table

    Product Description   Defined by its geometric shapes, and by the simpl...

  24. Bonaldo Saddle Armchair
    Bonaldo Saddle Armchair

    Product Description   The tailored design that features the Bonaldo Sad...

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